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Product Update July 31, 2023

ZenCase Legal Practice Management Incorporates ChatGPT

Jacksonville, FL — Today, Groundswell Productivity Solutions announced the incorporation of the AI Chat bot ChatGPT, called ZenGPT ™, into its legal practice management software, ZenCase. ZenGPT Available for Immediate Access Current ZenCase users are…

Product Update August 2, 2023

August ZenCase Update

New Feature: Tasks Have Custom Fields. Firm administrators can now create custom fields for a task which will display on the task form when creating and editing tasks. Tasks custom fields can be required on open,…

Product Update July 27, 2023

July ZenCase Update

New Feature: Client Portal. The client portal is a website designed specifically for your clients to be able to view and pay invoices online when integrated with Law Pay and ZenCase. You can easily add as…

Product Update June 12, 2023

May ZenCase Update

New Improvement: Bulk Apply Invoice Discounts. Pre-Billed list page now supports a bulk action to apply invoice discounts as a percentage of the total fees or a fixed amount discount. New Report: Client Ledger Entries Report. Go…