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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ZenCase include accounting functionality?

Yes, ZenCase tightly integrates with QuickBooks Online, the #1 accounting software for small businesses, to ensure your legal practice transactions are managed correctly and done affordably.

For those in the firm that manage the financials – billing, collections, trust balance and reporting etc, would do most of their work from within ZenCase. Standard Firm Financial statements, like the income statement or balance sheet are best viewed QuickBooks, however. Client information is only ever entered once in ZenCase! There is a separate subscription required for QuickBooks Online for those who need access, however it is far more affordable than what others charge for their accounting functionality.

Does ZenCase include a Document Management Service?

ZenCase indexes and associates your documents and emails to your clients and matters, however ZenCase works with the top providers of Document Management – NetDocuments, Microsoft (SharePoint) and Box for storage, features like in-document searching and greater access controls and presents that information like it was built into ZenCase through tight API integration, not in a separate window like some.

How do we migrate our current data over to ZenCase?

ZenCase uses industry standard data structures, so if your data can be sent or outputted to a CSV file, our migration specialists can bring it into ZenCase immediately for free. For example, we know that TimeMatters data is a simple and quick process to migrate. For those that have more complications, we work closely with several industry leading consultants who will prepare and migrate your data for you. For those that sign a 3-year agreement, ZenCase will support much, if not all migration cost from the consultant. This would not include data cleanup or resolving data errors from prior systems.