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About Us

As a business attorney and founding partner of an investment banking firm, TJ Fraser, the Co-Founder and Chairman of ZenCase, worked with several government contractors and prominent national clients. It was during this time that he searched for a singular cloud-based software platform designed for attorneys that would make it easier to reduce organizational obstacles, manage complex litigation and business matters, and provide security for the clients’ personal information.

Unfortunately, the only solutions he found either required multiple systems or were not specifically designed for attorneys. TJ saw this as an opportunity to consolidate the technology and use it to revolutionize efficiency in the practice of law, thus giving back to attorneys the most valuable asset of all… time.

ZenCase was born.

What makes ZenCase unique is that it is constantly evolving. We are driven by one simple core belief: finding better ways to solve the difficult problems that lawyers face in a way that is effortless. Whether you are looking to bring automation into your firm, replace a slow and frustrating system or take your software to the cloud, let us show you how ZenCase can bring Zen into your law practice.