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Per User Per Month

Billed Quarterly

We know you’re going to love the value ZenCase will bring to your firm, but we understand that you may want to see it for yourself before investing in a long-term commitment. That’s why we offer a month-to-month option. Allow ZenCase to save you time and money by choosing the annual plan. Watch your firm and employees prosper for less than $3 a day! Less effort, more Zen.


Per User Per Month

Billed Annually
*$999 Per User Per Year

ZenCase can save you hours every day. But we are all about saving TIME and MONEY – so if you want to pay for a year at a time, it will cost you even less than $3 a day and still save you tons of time.

We are confident that you will see more productivity with less effort and find your ZEN.

What are You Paying For?

  • Your ability to produce documents, spreadsheets and presentations with automation instead of effort
  • Your peace of mind having all important tasks and deadlines in one place
  • Your ability to effortlessly capture time and expenses, invoice your customers, and track every element of your business
  • Your decrease in stress
  • Your increase in profits
  • Your ability to gain insight into your business and your clients
  • Most implementations from legacy systems are included in the first-year annual subscription cost, and the ZenCase team is available to help with unique situations for an additional charge on a case-by-case basis
  • Your happiness as you work less and collect more!