Product Update August 2, 2023

August ZenCase Update

  • New Feature: Tasks Have Custom Fields. Firm administrators can now create custom fields for a task which will display on the task form when creating and editing tasks. Tasks custom fields can be required on open, required on close, or not required. Please view article in our Help Center for View Custom Information For A Task
  • New Improvement: Matter Subtypes Scope to Matter Types. You can now associate a Matter Subtype to multiple Matter Types. When creating or editing matters, the Matter Subtype select dropdown will be scoped by matter type if there is an association, otherwise matter subtypes are avaialble to all matters.
  • New Improvement: Firm Settings > Settings Table Exportable. Firm administrators can now export any of the Firm Settings > Settings tables to CSV or PDF.
  • Matter has a new configuration option to apply fees discount percentage or amount to all generated pre-bills by default. Go to a specific Matter page and click on “Settings” > “Invoices” tab. You will see “Default Discount Amount” section where you can define your default fees discount for new pre-bills.
  • Matters list page you can now export “Billing Note” to CSV.
  • Invoices list page you can select multiple invoices and then click Bulk Action > Print Invoice PDFs which will combine multiple invoice PDFs and notify you when a printable PDF is ready to download.
  • Billing Statements list page you can filter by “Emailed” to view all emailed billing statements which should have Email History.
  • Aged WIP Report you can now filter by Billing Type and Billing Cycle. Go to Reports > Aged WIP > View Report and click “All Filters” you will see “Billing Cycle” and “Billing Type” as new filter options.
  • Firm administrators can view all import history from Firm Settings > System > Import History page. You can view the original import file, the resource that was imported, status of import, success count, failed count, time elapsed, and the creator.
  • Data Migration specialists can now import the legacy client A/R into Firm Settings > System > Legacy Billing with Record Type = “AR”. With the data migration import security permissions, you can now view in Reports > Data Migration > Compare Legacy vs ZenCase Client A/R and/or Matter A/R reports.