The Evolution of Legal Timekeeping - ZenCase

The Evolution of Legal Timekeeping: From Quill to ZenCase’s Quantum Efficiency.

We are excited to invite you to our exclusive webinar, “From Quill to Quantum: Gamifying the Practice of Law with Old Guard Wisdom and New Guard Efficiency,” featuring our special guests, Jon D. Derrevere aka “The Founder”, and Michael B. Stevens, DSB&C Managing Partner.

Discover how ZenCase bridges the gap between seasoned legal practices and modern technological efficiency. Webinar Highlights:

The evolution of time capture in law from quill to digital

ZenCase’s Automated Time Manager (ATM): A leap in legal tech

Engaging discussions between seasoned and tech-savvy attorneys

Implementing strategies for day-to-day operational excellence

Gamifying law practice to meet new generational expectations.

Live Q&A session to address your queries.

ZenCase: The next generation of legal practice management software. We are not just software, we are your strategic partner in streamlining your law firm’s operations. Built by lawyers, for lawyers, our cloud-based platform tackles the industry’s biggest pain points – from mountains of paperwork to complex billing woes. With over 100 years of combined experience, Derrevere Stevens Black & Cozad is trusted multi-state partner for complex civil litigation.

To secure your spot in this transformative webinar and take the first step towards scaling your law firm effectively.