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Cutting Edge CRM

Show relationships between every contact and organization to run a conflict search with a click of a button.

Task Templates

Show what everyone should be doing (the how, when, why) and capture the best steps and practices of every legal matter.

Project Management

Keep track of case information in one place, relating important documents and items to each matter.

Knowledge Management

Eliminate information overload by having one single source that links every subject, fact, document, legal authority, question, answer, person and organization. Clone all of this information for your next case or for other members of your firm in seconds with the simple click of a button.

Document Automation

Produce a high-quality work product with very little effort. Documents, spreadsheets, or even a PowerPoint presentation can be created from ZenCase with only a couple of clicks of a button.

Time & Billing

Seamless integration of time entry, expense entry, client invoicing and payments, into one comprehensive but easy to use web-based platform.


Integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. View balance sheets or income statements broken out by attorneys or divisions.