ZenCase: Next generation, cloud-based law practice software.
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Next Generation, Cloud-Based Law Practice Software That Makes Everyone’s Job Easier

For Managing Partners... we've got a better way

Managing Partners and Practice Managers need easy access to information to guide the firm, increase productivity, resource balance and create a proactive culture.

So, give ZenCase a try, then kickout all the dead wood in the firm!

For IT Managers... we've got a better way

ZenCase makes the IT Team’s Job Easier, and leaves you more time to figure out what to do with all those old servers!


No servers to maintain. Information access works at internet speed. Easy support for remote employees. Easy software management.


Set access rights to individuals or groups to ensure the proper level of access and confidentiality.

Integration with Major Platforms

Our SQL and Open API-based platform integrates with Microsoft 365, NetDocs, Box, Adobe, QBO, other Accounting systems.

File & Document Security

All Firm files and matter emails are saved in the cloud for fast and easy access. No more lost or compromised files.

Hear the process Managing Partner, Michael Stevens, took to select a new LMS …

Time and Billing Stinks!

…we’ve got a better way

See Featured Video
See Featured Video

At ZenCase we realize that time spent on time and billing is time lost. We also know that many practices struggle with firm visibility to client billing and collections. Attorneys struggle capturing their billable time, as they are bombarded throughout the day with emails, texts and mobile calls. Legal administrators are constantly interrupted to provide time, billing and collections information – which is disruptive, inefficient and annoying

ZenCase makes it incredibly easy for attorneys to capture time through multiple options, including the new Automated Time Manager ™ technology. ZenCase’s customizable dashboards allow each member to see their most important information as a visualization. Every team member can have access rights limited reports, so that you do not need to worry about that associate knocking on your door to find out their collections. We can also provide visualizations to let everyone know how they are doing compared to each other to foster a positive, competitive environment

Pre-Billing to Payment without Killing Any Trees

…we’ve got a better way

How much time would your Attorneys and Legal Administrator save if everyone in the firm could see and approve (or update) their pre-bills with a click of the mouse? And think about the reduction in paper and printing costs too! The ZenCase Time & Billing system is completely integrated into QuickBooks Online, the number 1 small business accounting software. This allows the Legal Administrator to see billings, execute invoices and view updates to AR balances in seconds. Really! ZenCase supports Leads billing and saves firms filling space and the risk of embarrassing client discussions or audits by managing trust accounts and the supporting documentation, end-to-end.
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“ZenCase saves our firm days of work per month on our billing, collections and accounting.”

Sherry F., Billing Manager, Derrevere, Stevens, Black & Cozad

The Client Wants to See Expense Backup AGAIN?

…we’ve got a better way

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ZenCase makes Expense Management exceptionally easy! With a single click, add an expense to a client and/or matter. Check the Paid When Paid option so the vendor is not paid until the funds are received from the client. Attaching a digital receipt or expense backup is done with a click of a button. This backup can print on the invoice with the expense. So, eliminate those client calls regarding accurate expense invoicing or looking for expense backup.

I Hate When I Can’t Find a Key Document or Email

…we’ve got a better way

Many law firms spend too much time looking for documents or emails or associating these to a specific client or matter. Additionally, on premise document storage can be susceptible to malware, power outages or synchronization issues with staff computers. With ZenCase, your documents and important emails are safe and sound in the cloud with industry-leading security and our seamless integrations with best of breed document management solutions, like NetDocuments. ZenCase allows you to link to a client or matter with a single click. Additionally, this solution provides a platform for collaboration and audit tracking.

What, You Can’t Create a Completed Document with a Click?

…we’ve got a better way

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Whether you need to create a pleading, a contract, or a PowerPoint presentation, with ZenCase you can create the perfect document with the click of a button. We have one of the most powerful, yet simple to use document automation systems on the market. Create interrogatories, a private placement offering memorandum, or just about any other document, presentation or spreadsheet with a single click. You only need to create that perfect document once – ever… Unlock your firm’s true potential by creating a library of templates for different situations, so that with each matter your firm becomes more efficient.

Firm Knowledge? Where? …I can’t Remember

…we’ve got a better way

The biggest problem facing the legal profession is information overload. With ZenCase’s knowledge management system (called “ZenKM”), you can link every subject, legal authority, fact, question, person, organization, document, or any other piece of information that may be important. Whether you are doing due diligence for merger, getting ready to take depositions, or preparing for a client meeting, ZenCase can make even the most complex information feel simple. We also allow firms to create “knowledge bases,” where members of a firm can share their deepest knowledge with the click of a button.

“ZenCase has the best Knowledge Management capabilities we’ve seen in Legal Practice Management Software.”

Laura Kennedy, Partner and Co-Founder, Circle Management Group

ZenCase Case can do all that? Really?

…we’ve got a better way

ZenCase gives you the power of best-in-class Case Management capabilities in the cloud, which means everyone can access, import, contribute, link relevant information and analyze anytime, from anywhere. With our Task Blueprint function, the team can leverage prior successful processes and map out workflows dealing with specific matter types.

“We rely heavily on ZenCase’s Case Management functionality to run our firm.”

Matt McLauchlin, Partner, Eavenson, Fraser & Lunsford

It Seems Like Our Contacts Are Out of Date…

…we’ve got a better way

ZenCase is a full Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system. Maintain addresses centrally, and not in each system or on individual firm computers. This eliminates duplicate entries and saves time to find or make updates to needed contacts. Add fields to link a contact to a matter, person or anything else. Filter contacts on any attribute you create for ease of access.

I Wish I knew What People Are Working On…

…we’ve got a better way

Is your staff under or over utilized? Is your office culture performance oriented? How do you know? Does your firm struggle with meeting deadlines or planning effectively for upcoming work? ZenCase Task Management gives firms the ability allocate and monitor tasks across the firm, load balance and visually see deadlines and dependencies. Create an action-oriented law firm who is focused on results, with ZenCase Task Management.
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Sr. Associate Mary G. uses Tasks to effectively manage her day

(we use them to plan our next outing, but that’s just us).

Outlook Calendaring From Within Your Practice Manage Software?

…we’ve got a better way

ZenCase fully integrates with Microsoft 365 and the Outlook calendar. See team members’ schedules or create an event within the firm that shows up on participants calendars without ever leaving ZenCase.

I Often Feel Like We Are Flying Blind!

…we’ve got a better way

The ZenCase dashboard and reports give Partners and Practice Managers the control they require, while assisting individuals with the information they need to manage their billing, clients and matters. Quickly create and view any type of report you can imagine. Reports may be position-specific or general-firm reports, all with necessary rights management access.
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