Solving the Problem of Lawyers Working Remotely
Step 1: Your Remote Working Tools & Environment
  • Laptop (ok, that is a no brainer…)
  • Dragon 15 Professional (this is an awesome digital transcription tool that is easy to use)
  • Digital Dictation App for Your Phone (consider Dictate + Connect)
  • A Comfortable Place to Work with Minimal Distractions
  • Create an area that is for work¬†
Step 2: Use Technology!
  • Automate creating documents and workflows
  • Use a cloud-based technology platform
  • Have a single place to manage tasks for you and your team
  • Have a single place where your team inputs “knowledge” and information for each matter
  • Use a centralized cloud-based document management system
  • Use a cloud-based time and billing system
Step 3: Use Good Work Practices and be Productive!
  • Work in a time blocks (consider using the Pomodoro method for time management)
  • Use the “tagteam” approach to having focused more time (if you have kids, parents, or four-legged friends that demand your attention)
  • Use the “agile” method to manage your law practice
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate‚Ķ